Lifeboat Dilemm The Queen V. Dudley And Stephens

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Lifeboat Dilemma¬ Final CASE: The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens FACTS: A boat with four men aboard took on water after being hit by a large wave resulting in boat sinking, during the summer of 1884. All four men boarded a lifeboat however the only provisions were two cans of turnips. The four people were Dudley - Captain, Stephens - ¬ First Mate, Brooks -Sailor and Parker - Cabin Boy. The foods in the hopes of being rescued before the rations were used. They consumed no food or water for three days and then only ate one can of food on the fourth day. They caught a turtle which they consumed along with the last can of turnips over the next seven days. They had no food or water for eight days more after, eating the last of their provisions. Eighteen days after the Shipwreck, Parker appeared to be dying after drinking sea water against the advice of Dudley and Stephens. The nineteenth day without a ship in sight, Dudley suggested they have a lottery to see who 's life should be given to ensure survival of the other three. Dudley and Stephens agreed however, Brooks did not feel it was right and refused. Parker did not consent because he was sick and dying on the floor of the lifeboat. The next day Dudley asked Brooks not to watch and motioned to Stephens that Parker was the person to be sacrificed. Dudley stabbed Parker in the chest with a small knife after saying a prayer for Parker. Dudley, Stephens and Brooks survived until their rescue four days later.
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