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Prepared By – Dhawandeep Singh(331) & Neena Sankhyan(325) | NMIMS The LifeBuoy Story While brands have managed to upgrade their image and evolve together with their consumers – Lifebuoy is a great example, having moved from a carbolic, sweaty association to desirable health imagery – there has been no example of a brand that has moved to the top of the pole after residing at the bottom. The relaunch of the soap in 2002, 2004 & again in 2006 have been turning points in its history. In 2004, Lifebuoy’s product offering was revamped with contemporary packaging and an upmarket look. While that went down well with existing users, new users were still elusive; they continued to perceive the product as a ‘cheap soap for poor people’. That…show more content…
Although by projecting tough character of the child in the advertisement it again wanted to connect with the audiences on an emotional front .The confidence of ‘Lifebuoy mother’ with regard to the safety of her son underscores the long-standing brand benefit when she says “naha kar gaya hai... Koi darr nahin”. This transpired into appeal for the whole family which is tough and daring and always ready to take on newer challenges. “Little Gandhi Ad” The Little Boy picks up a broom; The boy surveys the messy street before sweeping it clean; The kid enjoys the Lifebuoy bath, washing away sweat and toil. The start of the advertisement with the small boy waking up before everybody shows a common child but who gets up on his own, he knows what to do, He has a mission in his mind, starts for work with putting bandana on his head. Shows a person focused and determined to do the work. All portraying the characteristics of a tough child. And he is a leader also trying to portray the soap more synonymous with leaders. He is being portrayed and compared in qualities to Gandhiji with dandi being replaced by a broom and spectacles of the child very much similar to Gandhiji’s. The atmosphere in which he is standing is very gloomy showcasing his fighting against all odds, comparisons with Gandhi. He starts on his own without waiting for anybody else to join him. And the people are shown getting amused by them and slowly other children start

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