Lifeguard and Victim

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Chapter 5 Rescue Skills A lifeguard must always be prepared to enter the water to make rescues. After determining that the victim needs help, the lifeguard should assess the victim’s condition and use an appropriate rescue. The skills in this chapter can be used in most aquatic environments, although they may have to be modified in some situations. 58 Lifeguarding GENERAL PROCEDURES FOR A WATER EMERGENCY 6. Provides emergency care as needed. Depending upon In all rescue situations, the lifeguard recognizes an emergency in the water, activates the emergency action plan (EAP) (Fig. 5-1), uses rescue equipment and follows these general procedures: LIFEGUARDING TIP: A lifeguard must always provide for his or her…show more content…
It is used by Fig. 5-4 While approaching the victim, the lifeguard should allow the rescue buoy to trail behind. When close to the victim, the lifeguard should reach back and grasp the buoy with one hand, extend the buoy to the victim and carefully tow the victim back to safety. The buoyancy of the rescue buoy, along with reassuring talk, should comfort and calm the victim. Fig. 5-5 lifeguards to quickly paddle out long distances and can hold the lifeguard and one or more victims. ENTRIES There are several ways to enter the water for a rescue. The type of entry used depends on— ● The depth of the water. ● The lifeguard station—whether it is elevated or at ground level. 59 60 Lifeguarding Fig. 5-6 Fig. 5-7 A ● Obstacles in the water, such as people, lane lines and safety lines. ● The location and condition of the victim. ● The design of the facility. Slide-In Entry The slide-in entry is slower than other entries, but it is the safest entry to use in most conditions (Fig. 5-6). It is especially useful in shallow water, crowded pools or when a victim with a head, neck or back injury is close to the side of the pool or pier. To perform a slide-in entry, the lifeguard should— 1. Sit down on the edge of the pool deck or pier, facing the water. Place the rescue tube on the surface of the pool deck or pier or in the water. 2. Gently slide into the water. 3. Retrieve the rescue tube. 4. Place the
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