Lifelong Illness Application Essay

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To Associate Dean
Extenuating circumstances, beyond my control have affected my academic performance. Lifelong illness of my parent - Addison's disease, tumours ,stroke and psychiatric problems, death of close relative and my own personal struggles- loosing job and becoming homeless, fight for health (I am cancer survivor) led to problems with progress at the course, taking gap years and heavily affected grades.
Condition of my mother in my first year in Aberdeen have developed in me anxiety and stress which worsen gradually until I have been diagnosed with cancer. In the same time I have lost my job as a chef in care home, which was entirely out of my hands and I had to work to finance my degree. I had to come back to my homecountry for an obligatory treatment and to support my family in hardship. This gap years led me to the debts and pushed me to find any job avaiable back in Scotland. Only avaiable position at this time was cnightshift customer assistant/cleaner job in local McDonalds, from 10 pm to 6 am in weekdays. This work position did not allow me to sleep , nor study properly
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However help in this hard time and posibbility of being in research team gave me a new outlook of science and a real passion. I have been diagnosed cancer free for already few years and ready to take on a challenge of a PhD. I belive that these tough experiences made me stronger, more determinated and persisting than many other candidates.
Please review my special circumstances. I am asking for understanding and support in admission process for PhD position in Professor Stephen Robertson's lab.
Yours faithfully,
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