Lifelong Learning

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Unit 2: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

1. Understand learning and teaching strategies in lifelong learning.
1.1 Summarise learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism.
It is very important that i know and understand the various learning styles of my students before I start my lesson. This will enable my students to get maximum benefit from my lessons.
I could do this through an initial assessment or interview or if i plan my lessons correctly, i could do this on the first day of class.
Therefore once i know my students style of learning i can plan my lessons to what style best suits them.
Once I’ve established their learning style i could then plan my lessons to suit my students and i
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Encouraging respect and promoting and understanding of student differences.
Assessing learning, this can be done by initial, formative and summative assessments. Adapting assessment activities where possible to meet any particular requirements or needs. Recognising and valuing individual’s achievements. Ensuring assessment planning is individual. Encouraging all students to reach their full potential.
Quality assurance evaluation, communicating with other team members to ensure they are aware of any student requirements or issues, obtaining feedback from my students on mine and their performance in class, there are different ways in doing this.1: verbally, 2: electronically, 3: written. Evaluating my delivery to ensure I have included all the students fully in my lesson. Liaising with awarding organisation regarding any modifications required to the learning and assessment activities.
As teaching about disability I will be using all aspects of inclusive learning, by using a mixture of different approaches in my class, this will ensure I meet all learning styles and retain student engagement and motivation.
2: Understand how to create inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning. 2.1 Explain how to select inclusive learning and teaching techniques.
As a tutor it is important that i make my lessons inclusive, i can do this by using different learning and teaching styles during my lessons; choosing which style to use depends on what type of students i have in
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