Lifelong Learning : Professional Development

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This essay will be discussing the importance of lifelong learning or as it is also known Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To do this, this essay will be exploring the definition of lifelong learning and what lifelong learning means to a professional. In the case of this essay, the professional that will be referred to is a nurse. Firstly, to begin, this essay will be examining the definition of lifelong learning. The Department of Health (1998) defines lifelong learning as: “A process of continuing development for all individuals and teams which meets the needs of patients and delivers the health care outcomes and health care priorities of the NHS, and which enables professionals to expand and fulfil their potential.” This definition mainly explains the positive and desired outcomes of the process of lifelong learning, but not necessarily the concept of lifelong learning and how, as a professional, can the individual develop within their role. However, according to Bagnall (1990) there are four definitions of lifelong learning that, in principle, overlap each other. In particular, all four of these definitions focus on education and preparation of a professional, however, the definition that this essay will be focusing on is the second definition that Bagnall offers, which is: ‘the educative function of the whole of one’s life experience, which is making specific references to the informal aspects of learning.’ Instead of looking at “one’s whole life experience”
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