Life's Greatest Lessons Analysis

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Response to change is a major key people’s success in life. Everyday people make decisions on change. The way people act on those obstacles makes or breaks a person. Responding the right way can be one of the most challenging objectives a person may face. Sometimes the adversity differs on the person. The first example is Jim Abbott. In the book Imperfect Abbott shares his recollections of his past. He lets the readers know about how much of a struggle it was to get picked on, and work through everything to get to the point he was at in the MLB. Abbott states "I'd gone without a right hand for nearly twenty-six years" (Abbott 7). Going without a right hand for 26 years already shows grit. What sets him apart from others because he responded…show more content…
The next major example of this comes from the Non-fiction book Life’s Greatest Lessons by Hal Urban, Urban explains if people grasp life is hard, and go through life with a good attitude good things will happen. In the beginning of the book in chapter two”Life Is Hard...and Not Always Fair” Urban presents people information about how life is hard, and how people are supposed to respond to the hard obstacles life throws in our way. He brings up a conversation him and one of his former students had. The student was complaining about how the homework was too hard, and Urban simply responded with “Life is Hard”. Later on he explains to the reader that he gave the students homework that would push them above and beyond. His goal of the homework was not for them to remember the specifics, but remember the main theme of the chapter, Life is Hard. According to Urban “Once we accept the fact life is hard, we begin to grow. We begin to understand that every problem is also an opportunity”(12). This quote explains how people should deal with change, and what happens when people accept it. Urban tries to show just because something blocks the way in life it still is not always terrible. If a new route is opened because of the obstacle in the way it may lead you to a new opportunity. Later on in the book in chapter five “Attitude Is a Choice- The Most Important One You’ll Ever Make” Urban…show more content…
The final examples come from a variety of resources would say yes. They articulate people should prepare for the possibility of change, because it would improve the person’s potential to respond more effectively, and increase their rate of survival. In the article How to Survive an Obstacle by Michael Bond, he teaches people better ways to prepare themselves for major disasters to increase the rate of survival in major disasters. He explains when he rides on a boat the first thing he does it search for life jackets. Bond acts this way because he believes if a disaster represents itself you would be more prepared, and not have to consider where they are. Michael Bond states “ typically, survivors survive not because they embody bravery or more heroic than anyone else but because they are better prepared”(3). This quote connects directly to people being more prepared for change are better equipped with the potential to respond effectively. The situation corresponds with a game of football. If a team participates in practice, and is better prepared for the other team by watching film and analyzing them they will sustain a better chance of winning. People that practice and prepare for disastrous situations sustain a better chance of surviving than those who don’t. Another great example could be represented by the article Simplexity by Jeffrey Kluger. He states when people increase their pure speed less people die. That ties to the topic of
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