Lifespan Development And Communication : Development

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Lifespan development and communication – 555101 Individual development narrative Rajbir Kaur 02/05/16 (1877) Introduction One way of looking at human development is through domains of development and how they interrelate. Sigleman and Rider (2003) define development as the systematic changes and continuities that occur between conception and death in an individual. One approach to examining human development is through an individual narrative by integrating theories of development. In this paper, the aim is to discuss the processes of and influences on my personal development from conception through to 18 years of age. Knowledge will be demonstrated relating to domains of development (physical, social, cognitive and emotional) and how they interrelate. These domains will be explained throughout 5 stages of development: perinatal, infancy, early childhood, school children and adolescence. Personal experiences will be linked to theories that have been formed by human development theorists. The analysis of my personal experiences will show how I have developed from the time I was conceived up until 18 years of existence. It will also include descriptions of my family, friends and how the environment and people outside my home have influenced the way I have developed. Perinatal period Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory of human development clarifies that everything in a child’s environment influences the way the child grows and develops
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