Lifespan Development And Communication Development Essay

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Lifespan Development and Communications
Assessment 3: Individual Development Narrative (IDN)

Hoori Wilcox
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This assignment identifies and discusses the relevant theory and theorists and discusses the influences possible on lifespan development from the time of conception to 20 years of age. I will analyse my own life story in relation to theories of lifespan development participating my understanding of the domains of development and the age old argument of nature versus nurture concerning the Biological and Environmental influences on one 's development and whether they may or may not have influenced my development during that stage of my life.

The narrative participates the age stages and at each stage discusses in depth the relevant ‘domains’ and their influences on my development. Theses domains are Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Socio-cultural/moral. While illustrating my lifespan development I will using a range of relative theorist’s beliefs and their relationship and relevance to and with the domains of development. Each stage theorist will have their own different periods of development. I will then discuss relevant ‘domains’ and their influences on my development. The Domains are as follows:

At the conception stage of life, as organs and bones are been developed and the baby is yet to be born the environmental domain means what was the surroundings at the time. According to Wilcox et al (1995) “Most
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