Lifespan Development: Emerging Adulthood

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In short, Lifespan Development examines how psychology studies the stages of individuals life. The class begins with infancy to childhood, adolescence, and ends with old age. I will admit that some of the lessons are common sense, but the majority of them are stimulating. The most interesting lesson is unfortunately the shortest lesson of the class, this lesson is about a new concept… Emerging Adulthood.

Emerging Adults hood is the concept that between the ages18 years old to mid to late 20’s individuals go through what is essentially partially adolescence turning into an adult (Arnett, n.d). This stage is unique because an individual that is going through this stage is in search of becoming an adult. What’s significant about this stage is that due to the …show more content…

Lifespan Development course teaches that during the Emerging Adulthood young individuals are most likely to experience unstable financial and living stability. I also learned that unlike older generations that where rushed into adulthood – marriage and children- younger generations are rushing into college debt and other credit debt.

I am literally enrolled in this class this class this term and so far I have learned a lot about myself. I am 30 years old and I often think what am I doing and am I on the right track. This course has helped me understand more about me and the path that I am on. After taking this course I feel more confident with my path that I have chosen. If you still have time and are in the search for your last classes please think about taking Lifespan Development PSYC 351 6381. Also I should mention that during the discussion sessions I read many post and responses that parents that were taking the course felt that they were learning more about their teen and young children while taking this course. Overall I think this course can teach any student a little about themselves and maybe their

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