Lifespan Development Theory Paper

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The majority of lifespan development theories analyze growth and development from two major possibilities, that is, development as a continuous process and development as a discontinuous process (Berk, 2007). Continuous development is defined as the process where an individual builds on the same skills exhibiting at an early age while the discontinuous development is the process that allows individuals to exhibit new and different ways of understanding and responding to different situations and occurrences (Berk, 2007; Koren, 2011). The lifespan development theories that explain growth and development as a process of stages follow a discontinuous development perspective (Berk, 2007).
The majority of lifespan development theories note that development is a lifelong process and therefore
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Berk (2007) also notes that development if plastic to emphasize that life rolls out depending on opportunities that people experience and it is this opportunities that fuel growth. Development as plastic relates to the growing process that individuals take to increase their potential and become engaged in controlling their specific growth (Berk, 2007).
The lifespan development theories analyze development from different perspectives including, behavioral perspective, psychoanalytical perspective, Piaget's-cognitive developmental theory, ethology and evolutionary developmental psychology, information processing, ecology systems theory, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and lifespan perspective theory (Newman & Newman, 2014). Each of these theories have been supported and proven by major theorist, and they help in providing the reasons behind some reactions and behaviors as observed in both the continuous and discontinuous processes of growth.
Evidence of a specific attachment
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