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At 0 months: ARDA sleeps virtually all of the time, only waking when hungry, cold, or wet. He usually drifts back to sleep toward the end of the feeding. You talk quietly to ARDA during the feeding, making sure ARDA sees your face a great deal of the time. You try to wake ARDA up for some parent-baby interaction time. You dance gently around with him in your arms, and talk or sing out loud. You figure that ARDA needs the sleeping time for brain development so you don't disturb him. A At 0 months: After only a week with ARDA, you can already feel a hormonal connection. When ARDA cries, you begin to lactate!This will increase if you choose to breast feed, but it will die off gradually if you do not. You want ARDA to be active…show more content…
B At 3 months: Your available funds and living situation are such that you are able to take 6 months to a year off from work or work part-time at home and hire a babysitter when needed. ------------------------------------------------- You will use several family members as babysitters. You will use primarily one family member as a babysitter. You'll use a highly recommended woman with grown children as a babysitter. B At 3 months: ARDA is getting more curious about the world around him. You still want to be careful about germs, so you avoid introducing ARDA to new people. You buy ARDA some new baby toys and watch how he plays with them. You bring ARDA along to visit several new people (relatives and friends). A At 3 months: ARDA is fussy on rare occasions after meals, but most of the time is relaxed and content. You continue with just breast/bottle feeding and wait a couple more months before introducing solid food. Since ARDA is tolerating feedings well, introduce some solid foods, while maintaining the breast/bottle as his main source of food. Introduce food from the family's dinner, blended or pureed. A At 8 months: It has become clear that ARDA shows a preference for you over others (especially when distressed), with your partner a close second. How will your partner become a stronger attachment figure for ARDA? ------------------------------------------------- Top of

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