Lifestyle And The Environment Factors That Affect People 's Health

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During the last two centuries, there has been an increase in the average number of people who expect to live longer in more economically developed countries .This can be attributed to many factors which are included improved life style, access to health care ,better education and employment, but many people who live in less economically developed countries do not have opportunities to live longer because there are many factors that affect their health. They make their lives more challenging such as poverty, race, gender, weather and so on. This essay will describe the lifestyle and the environment factors which affect people 's health.
Lifestyle factors have considerable effects among people, it affects the health of people and it causes many social and biological consequences, such as an alcohol consumption and smoking. It has been evidence that people who are smoking, they are more vulnerable to the respiratory tract and cancer diseases. Firstly, the burden of morbidity and mortality are related to the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and most parts of the world have considered these issues (Rehm et al.,2009). Alcohol use has many crucial health effects and some social repercussions. Some of these health consequences have direct effects among women and men and some others have an indirect effect on children, as a result of alcohol consumption, it may lead to liver cirrhosis, myocardial infarction and some types of cancer. Moreover, women who are pregnant and
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