Lifestyle Drug Affecting Health : Obesity

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Lifestyle Drug Affecting Health [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institute] Lifestyle Drug Affecting Health Introduction A lifestyle drug is a drug that is not primarily the fight against a disease , but the improvement in physical fitness or general well-being used. Lifestyle Medicine designates primarily medical methods that store a certain lifestyle. The lifestyle is particularly determined by the self-understanding of a man. Medicine that is taken preventively in the first place and to improve the living conditions such as supplements for weight loss or overcome sexual dysfunction. Whatever one may think about this: The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs is an everyday reality. They are consumed, although the associated health risks are known. With a congenital heart defect the dangers of consuming, however, are even greater. Background The distinction between a “real” drug and a lifestyle drug is out of focus and not least depending on the exact indication. For example, pharmaceutical apply against erectile dysfunction (ED) in patients without erectile dysfunction as a lifestyle drug in patients with ED (eg diabetics ) as therapeutics. The differentiation is therefore at least as problematic as that between the terms “mood disorder “and” disease “. Indirect determination, of which drugs are regarded as lifestyle drugs, was carried out by the provisions of the Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) Modernization Act. This makes it clear
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