Lifestyle In Residential Areas

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My mobility research project focused on the community near my residential area. My goal is to learn about the lifestyle on Bay, California, and Laurel Street in Santa Cruz, California. These three streets intersect into one another at a time, starting with Bay and California, then California and Laurel. This area is my focused since I constantly jog and run around the location. But, I never really observed or allowed myself to soak in what the community offers to me as a resident. Therefore, I use this ethnography task as my reason to learn about the streets I exercise on. Before I discuss about my research, I need to define lifestyle. When I was drafting the blueprint on how to start this assignment, I realized I am very ignorant to the tradition, type of residents, and common activities that occur around the area. I decided to breakdown lifestyle into three definitions: common activities, the residents, and tradition. As a result, my research focused on…show more content…
I got off work and took the metro bus nineteen to the street Bay and California. The weather for this day was sunny, had a small breeze, and the temperature was about eighty something. In other words, it was a perfect time to begin the mobility ethnography. As I got off the bus, the first thing I noticed was a park sign called La Barranca Park. The sign was a gift to honor Italian-Americans who participated and nurtured Santa Cruz’s agriculture. There are facts about Italian families that worked in hard labor jobs, a brief history, and images of proud farm workers. After reading the sign, I noticed that there is a three-way stop intersection. It was very interesting since there were many cars, but no slow or jam of traffic despite the three-way stop. I turned around and saw that there was a small creek. However, there were two layers of barricade to prevent people from crossing or touching the creek: trees and chain-linked
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