Lifestyle Medicine And Modern Medicine

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Lifestyle Medicine-An Adjuvant to Contemporary Medicine With Reference To Lifestyle Disorders

Today health care and disease management has progressed a lot but somehow every integrative pathy is strongly focusing on the change in the routine lifestyle. This is completed under a new branch today named-lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine is an inter-disciplinary medicine branch covering lifestyle modification, public and environmental health. The lifestyle medicine is an adjuvant which conjoins the better aspects of public health through lifestyle modification with the same through clinical medicine. Even though the lifestyle medicine is often prescribed along with the package of clinical medicine as a supportive one; but it has a lot of importance while going across the disease. For achievement of better health aspects the lifestyle medicine should be practiced on first and prime basis so there is hardly any chance to practice conventional clinical medicine later on. Looking far more for the leading causes of mortality, morbidity and health care costs worldwide it has now became the need of human fraternity to go for a new of medicine or treatment modality which is none other than- Lifestyle medicine. This is a branch of medicine which deals with the preventions, management and more and more evolutions in the causes underlying the origin of lifestyle diseases.
Aims & Objectives:-
1. To highlight the concept of lifestyle medicine in…
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