Lifestyle, Social Grouping, Interactions, and Survival in _Out of the Silent Planet_

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Out of the silent planet
Out of the silent planet by C.S Lewis is a novel that denotes the difference between the social system on planet earth and the planet Malacandra. In Malacandra, groups live in harmony with one another and complement each other. On earth, the social system is brutal and evil. The novel is a science fiction that covers Dr. Ransoms (major character) adventures and encounters on a planet that is entirely different from earth. Ransoms lands into this planet by accident after being kidnapped by two evil men (Devine and Weston) and transported to the planet Malacandra (Mars) by spacecraft. In Planet Malacandra, Ransoms encounters the three different creatures that inhabit the planet, hrossa, sorns, and pfifltriggi. He
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This is different to what happens on earth where groups are in constant dominance wars, often breaking into factions that regard each other as inherently inferior. The kidnappers, Devine and Weston represent this dominance character of Earthly beings.
On earth, people are self-centered and do not care for each other. In contrast, On Malacandra, various species live and work together (Gibbons 88). There three intelligent species in Malacandra and their differences of knowledge is their strength. The pfifltriggi excavate and makes things out of their excavation, the Seroni are the master of knowledge and the hrossa were poets (Lewis, 68). Even with these different talents, there is no group that wants to dominate the other. They know that they have differences but have accepted them since “they can talk to each other, they can cooperate, and they have the same ethics” (Lewis 156).
The leadership system on earth is also different from the other planets. Unlike the earth, all the other planets have a structured leadership; they have a ruler (Oyarsa). The earth is unruly because people have no common Oyarsa and this makes people bent. Everyone on earth wants to be a little Oyarsa himself (Lewis 102). The Oyarsa of Malacandra, in reference to the actions of Devine and Weston of kidnapping, is surprised how ‘any creature could be so

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