Lifestyle Theory By Glenn Walters

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Lifestyle Theory Lifestyle Theory is a theory in Criminology created by Glenn Walters in 1990. Unsurprisingly this theory is just as the name would suggest, a lifestyle choice to be a criminal. This theory focuses heavily on the biological factors that influence a person’s ability to commit crime. Walters wrote three concepts to his theory: conditions, choice, and cognition. To start, I will address conditions. In Walters’s theory, he discusses the environmental and biological conditions that are involved in entering the criminal lifestyle. The environmental condition is based around your environment like the name suggests. What that means is that the decision to commit crime is due in part by your living situations and needs. This…show more content…
As one last final crime they plan on robbing a bank but end up calling off the heist after another couple tries to rob the bank before them. While this movie is a comedy, the conditions that force Dick and Jane to a life of crime are quite serious and go a long way to supporting this theory. While the conditions of bankruptcy and potential foreclosure forced the hand of Jim Carrey’s character to commit crime in order to support his family he also made the choice to pursue crime. Choice is the second concept of Lifestyle Theory and addresses the offender’s choice to commit a crime. The choices criminals make can be directly affected by the third concept, Cognition. Cognition is the offender’s mental state and things that can potentially lead them to be convinced to commit crimes. For example, someone may exploit the low IQ of a non-offender by convincing them to commit crimes to avoid getting in trouble themselves. Another factor is the offender’s compulsiveness, this is when the offender acts without thinking and is purely in the heat of the moment. Compulsiveness is both cognition and choice; it is cognition because the potential offender is not giving themselves time to think and rationalize their actions. It is also choice because they are choosing to commit a crime, even if certain conditions, either biological or environmental, are influencing their acts.
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