Lifestyle in Balance

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Work Life Balance Brief Introduction: As life is getting developed the living style is getting high in several regions around the world which shape a more expensive life that leads male and female for more working hours or to have more than one job to get affluent life. The prior factor additionally the following factors, the workforce is getting older and technology has changed the way we work rapidly, Set off alarm bells of a significant problem which is the conflict between paid work, unpaid work and personal time hence the significance of this phenomenon requires a solution that is able to resolve this phenomenon properly which can be the balance between the work and the life. Work Life balance can be defined as "the degree to which an individual is simultaneously able to balance the temporal, emotional and behavioral demands of both paid work and family responsibility". (Hill et al cited in Sarker, Xiao, Sarker & Ahuja, 2012). Key Points: This study explores ideas and thoughts related to work life balance starting with job and socio-demographic factors related to work life balance, then it mentioned four common positions of men with work life balance and it proposed options of Work life balance, strategies of time management, additionally it explores the impacts of mobile Technology on Work Life Balance, Finally it describe how the work life balance is related to the interface of individual, group, and organization Factors Related to Work Life Balance: Work life
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