Lifestyle that Leads to Obesity

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Have you been sitting around lately, watching TV? Eating when you’re bored? If so, you need to know that these are just a couple examples of the many things that can lead to obesity. “America is the most obese country” is what you would think and or did think, but that is wrong. America was the most obese country, but in 2013, Mexico surpassed the U.S. and it is now the most obese country, having roughly 32.8 percent of adults being overweight and one third being obese. America is in second place, having 31.8 percent being obese. Mexican teenagers also are one third obese and the majority of overweight Mexican teenagers will stay obese and be at risk for diseses. The average Mexican drinks 163 liters (46 gallons) per year, of soda; this is 40 percent more than the average American who drinks 118 liters, or 31 gallons. Mexicans consume an average of 650 cans a year of Coca Cola, which adds up to a little over 200 liters (52 gallons). There is a small island in the south pacific though, called Nauru, that has an obesity rate of 71.7 percent which is actually the most obese country in the whole world. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you that Mexico is the most overweight country since Nauru has a way higher obesity rate, and that is because Nauru is so small that we really only consider the more populous countries. Nauru’s population is only 9,400 people and the island is 8.108 square miles, so it does not take very many people who may already be more likely

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