Lifestyles Determines Food Options. The Largest Industry

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Lifestyles determines food options The largest industry in the current era is the food industry. Education has been pushed all throughout the 20th century. In health class student are currently taught nutrition facts and are aware of health problem as well. As the years go by unwanted problems are being showed in the education system to work on solutions. As one gets older the time runs out quicker and quicker. Other task become more important than preparing a well-balanced meal. Fast food, and accessible products, as a bag of chips, take up less time than it could any other day. A well-balanced meal may also be time consuming to prepare and eat, rather than having a filling burger with French fries. At the end of the day the way one…show more content…
Those whose parents had prior education were able to identify restaurants more more often. Also, there was no relationship between income and weigh on the children. When it came down to fast food logos the children’s age was the only significant factor. Seven to eight year olds had a higher recognition of fast food logos against four to five year olds. Also those who have lived in the U.S. for a longer period of time recognized logos a lot better than those who have not. Overall, this research measured environmental influence rather than specific fast food logos. Many characters are fast to say that the fast food industry impacts today’s eating options. With the research above it is clear than that is not the case. Lifestyle factors is what determines how you eat. Children are a perfect example of how the environment influences the variety of options given. Many are not aware of healthier options because either it 's not with in price range or they were never exposed to it. Throughout my childhood, I was well aware of all the fast food options given to me. As i got older many of my peers were more exposed to restaurants rather than fast food. It never crossed my mind that income and my family demographic came to place. Since we are a large family, when we go out to eat it’s harder to go to a nice restaurant because the total could be close to a hundred-fifty dollar for a family of nine rather than fifty dollars at McDonald 's for the same amount of people. As I

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