Lifetime Bans Should Be Utilized in the NHL

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“For any professional athlete, there is a natural assumption of risk to one’s physical well-being. Players are constantly honing their bodies in the weight room—not just to become faster and stronger than their competition, but also to protect against the injuries that can ruin a season” (Barrabi). The National Hockey League (NHL) was one of the last professional sports organizations to issue sanctions against players who cause concussions and head injuries. Just in the past season alone, there have been a total of 44 suspensions in the NHL ( Many of these suspensions were assessed due to dangerous, and sometimes intentional, behavior. To many people, these 44 suspensions occurring in the past season may seem too excessive; compared to 2004, it is. However, the frequency of behavior resulting in suspensions has increased over the past several years due to rule changes and a new disciplinary council assessing said suspensions. Despite the change in rules, some still intentionally commit acts of violence against opposing players. These players’ defense is that they are trying to preserve the tradition and respect of the game by humbling new, “arrogant” players who unnecessarily “show-off” or “target” star players (Jones). Although preserving this tradition is expected and necessary due to the violent nature of the game, many players let their tempers get out of control. Because of various injuries, especially head injuries, league officials should take a tougher

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