Lifetime Community Rating System for Healthcare

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Healthcare called for the lifetime community rating system to be put in place, something which has failed to be introduced to Ireland even though it has been a major topic of discussion since 2001 (Dowdall 2013). The introduction of this system would be beneficial for the private sector as it would entice more young people into the market. Cheaper premiums would be offered to young customers in comparison to more expensive premiums being charged to older people who wish to take out health insurance later in life (Ryan 2013). This is a rational concept to be put in place as the younger members are needed in order to subsidize the older members (Goode 2013). Having closely examined the current situation of the Irish health care system, it is without doubt that major changes must be undertaken by the government in the attempt to salvage the remains of Irish healthcare (Pillinger 2012). Good health is the most important asset of any individual or society as it is essential in enabling the people of these societies to reach their full potential both socially and economically. The main goal of the Irish Government is to improve the health and wellbeing of their citizens. An ambitious plan has been set out in order to reform the Irish healthcare system. This reform will include the introduction of a single-tier system which aims to deliver proactive care to the people of Ireland, in an efficient manner. A single tier system will mean the contribution from everyone, for everyone.
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