Lifetime Maximization Of Wireless Sensor Network Using Load Balancing

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Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Network using Load Balancing

Ms. Radhika Sarad, Mr. Kiran Bhame, Mr. Vaibhav Wable, Mr. Amol Katake

KJ College Of Engineering and Management Research Pune.
Pune University.


The main problem in wireless sensor network is energy consumption. Because of energy consumption lifetime of wireless sensor network is decreased. In wireless sensor network, all sensor nodes generate data and send data to a single node called as sink (base station), via multi-hop transmissions. When all the sensor nodes collect data and forward that data to a single base station through multi-hop routing, the traffic pattern is highly non-uniform, this procedure puts a high burden on the sensor nodes which are close to the base station. Some strategies are used that balance the energy consumption of the nodes and helps to ensure maximum network lifetime by balancing the load are proposed and analysed.

We propose some strategies like load balancing that balance the load of these sensor nodes and ensure maximum network lifetime. First, we formalize the network lifetime maximization problem using load balancing as well as we propose a solution which checks energy of every node while load balancing. Then we compare both existing solution and our solutions with most common strategies such as shortest-path and equi-proportional routing. We conclude that through the results of this work, load balancing as well as energy checking of every node with

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