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Americans are more comfortable talking about politics than God, according to a new survey by LifeWay Research. Over 1,000 Americans were interviewed about their spiritual life and perspective on politics by LifeWay. The survey focused on the preference Americans place on talking about spirituality as compared to politics. About 60 percent of the Americans talk more about politics than God with their friends, the study said. However, evangelicals are more likely to discuss (63 percent) their spiritual beliefs with their friends. More women (51 percent) spoke about their faith than those who choose not to (31 percent). Some 46 percent of the Southerners were comfortable talking about their spiritual views, while only 36 percent from Northeast,…show more content…
Some 69 percent men said they like to speak about politics, and 65 percent of Americans not having evangelical beliefs said they talk more about politics. Evangelicals think that they have more to share than to find out in a spiritual dialogue (32 percent vs. 17 percent). About 38 percent of the Americans like to share their faith or are very comfortable with expressing spiritual thoughts on social media, but 36 percent are not. And some 33 percent prefer sharing faith in a small group, and 40 percent on a one-to-one basis. Only 17 percent of the Americans were "most comfortable" with sharing their faith on social media. Some 50 percent say that they discuss their spiritual views to "just the right amount," 10 percent thought that they share more often than they would like to, and 6 percent said they shared gospel less than they would want to. As many as 72 percent of the Christians who frequently attend the church (at least once a month) said that they have the right amount of spiritual training for evangelism, while 36 percent tried to acquire more training on how to share their beliefs. About half of the church-going Christians said that their church places an urgent value on sharing the Gospel with people who are not
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