Lifting Weightlifting Essay

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There is a lot of data that supports the idea that ladies should lift weights. It is a proven fact that lifting weights holds lots of health benefits. Regular weight training leads to increased strength, size, power and endurance of skeletal muscles. Weight training can also help reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, physical disabilities, heart disease, and premature death. It even allows older folks to live independently longer, as it delays frailty and lessens the likelihood of falls. Whether weight training is done using machines, handheld weights, exercise bands, or one’s own body weight, the results are the same.

However, even with all of the evidence, many ladies still do not lift weights.

Many ladies
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There is plenty of information out there and a lot of it debunks the myth that women who lift weights will look like Amazonian ladies. There is also information about how lifting heavier weights can help you lose weight, look better, have stronger bones, lift your mood, and give you a better quality of…show more content…
Many women use the excuse that they can’t afford to go to a gym. Well, there are lots of gyms and many of them are inexpensive, like the Clubfit gyms that are funded by the Singapore Sports Council. They charge and entry fee of only $2.50 per day. So, cost should not be a problem.

Another excuse some ladies use is that there is no one to guide them and teach them the proper techniques. If this is the only reason, you can hire a coach. There are many female coaches who can guide you and will understand where you are coming from.

We can overcome all of these issues. But, you still need to be motivated to get out there and do it. You must want it! I have a 49-year-old female client who started with me two years ago. When she started with me, she was only able to do air squats. But, now she can do 30 kg squats with good technique. Along with her newfound strength, she has less knee and back pain, even though she lifts very light weights only once a week. Always remember, success fuels success. So, get out there and do
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