Ligament And Meniscal Injuries On The Knee

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ABSTRACT Ligament and meniscal injuries are traumatic injuries in the knee. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue that connect the bone to the cartilage and it also holds a joint together. The ACL is the ligament that gets injured the most due to where it is sited in the knee. When ligament or meniscus injury occurs, the client will experience pain and good possibility of instability of the joint. What will the client feel when injury occurs? When do most injuries occur? What surgical management will be needed? Some injuries are more severe than others and therefore an X-Ray will be taken to rule out arthritis or possible broken knee cap, MRI will be ordered by physician to determine if there is a tear. NSAIDs may be recommended for…show more content…
DIAGNOSITICS/ LABS Many times, the physician will move the joint around and may have client preform range of motion to help analyze signs and symptoms. The physician will determine whether what testing would be best to get accurate diagnosis. An X-ray may be ordered to determine if there is any other difficulty with joint that may have same symptoms as ligament and meniscal injury. An MRI is more precise to determine if there is any further injury to ligament or menisci. Another test that may be done is arthroscopy. This is used to see inside the knee and can be used help trim or repair the injury/tear. Medical/Surgical Managment1 Treatments for ligament and meniscus injuries vary due to degree of the injury. The physician or specialist will have client stay off affected joint. As stated in Medical-Surgical Nursing on page 1075, NSAIDs will be recommended by physician along with ice therapy to the joint during the first 2 days of injury. After the knee has rested the client may slowly become active, however, client needs not to overwork the ligament or meniscus as it may cause more injury, increasing the healing time. If the client is needing surgical repair, the client with a torn meniscus will have to undergo a procedure to have damaged cartilage removed or repair the injured the ligaments. After
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