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Tesco Assignment A Manuscript ------------------------------------------------- As a PR assistant at Tesco you have been asked to give a speech to business students at the London School of Economics. In your speech you account for some of Tesco's current problems and comment on the company's efforts to solve them taking the changing consumer behavior into consideration. You may find additional online information in English to support, illustrate and/or update your points. Write the manuscript in English. Remember to document all your sources. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 1: Tesco's current problems 2: Tesco's efforts to solve the problems 3:…show more content…
It turned out that our costumers thought our colours to be “too hard”. A result of this research was that we added softer colours of course. We at Tesco have received a lot of complaints from our customers referring to the lack of employees to give a better service and empty shelves. That's why we´ve planed to employ twenty thousand extra employees. So far we´ve managed to employ an estimated 8000 new employees to improve the service and to avoid the empty shelves. In the year 2007 Tesco founded Fresh & Easy in the United States of America. But Tesco should have waited. It was a really bad timing. Fresh & Easy failed to take off and you could probably blame it on financial crises. Therefore we decided to shut it down. To solved these problems we have invested 150 million pounds in online shopping, which mainly is for selling non-food products. Then we made an app for the use on your phone. This will make it possible for you to shop from your phone, and go straight down to our stores and pick up our products, which of course is ready to go. By doing these things and keeping on we can now all ready see that our sales has increased by 1,3% and we will keep on investing in the stores on the United Kingdom market with about 1 billion pounds. In Tesco, we have chosen to make it possible for our customers to become members of the shop chain. That gives our customers benefits every time they shop in our

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