Light And Darkness Play Analysis

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Lighting Lighting is very important for this play because it will set the right contrasting mood within the scene. In this play light and darkness will represent the binary opposition we aspire to reach. The light will symbolise the optimistic connotation and positive aspirations we try to achieve, whilst this darkness will be present the degradation and degeneration of humans, which continuously intend to suffocate their humanistic content in exchange for acceptance in society. Since there is a main character in the scene, the person will be illuminated using a spotlight or special lighting directed towards the character. This will highlight the whole situation as the person is being born and this is a celestial moment that should be emphasised…show more content…
Now, we enter the realm of distortion and the incomprehensible as we experience a vortex of ideas, emotions and perception and we are left crippled from being limited as human beings in an immense cosmos. As the child reaches the last stair, complete darkness, asserting that the character is progressing, entering the underworld of fear, oppression and unconsciousness. Now lights from the stage come on, illuminating the faces of the child and the creatures, clarifying it a bit and giving hints to the audience about what this ambiguity is about. Afterwards, as the creatures begin to entrap the child and encircle it, the lights go mad, moving hectically, implying that all this is abstract and we are inhibited to know more as this is a metaphysical process. Then complete darkness again, indicating that it is all complete. Then the lights come out in certain areas of the audience podium, as the creatures break the fourth wall and come closer to the spectators, claiming that they all belong inside them. Darkness arrives again. A faint light shines directly at the child as the audience notices what has happened. The other creatures remain in gloominess. After a very short moment, darkness is set again, indicating that the second sequence is
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