Who Invented The Invention Of How Light Were Made?

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Many people gave credit to Thomas Edison but he was not the only one who made the light bulb.“Dad”? Jimmy asked. “Can you tell me the scientific history story of how lights were made”.“Sure kiddo” Dad said. At first, the only light cavemen had were the stars and the moon. There was little to do so they had to wait for the sun to rise. Nobody knows how cavemen learned to control fire. Perhaps lightning struck a tree and cave men saw it. They figured out if they put wood in the fire it would keep on burning so cavemen learned to control it. The invention of fire was made. The fire gave light and warmth. This was good because less cavemen would be sick and warmer. Soon cavemen figured out if they put a stick in the fire it would make a torch. Cavemen now had a portable light.…show more content…
This was a good thing so people could have a safer night light. And it was safer to carry this was made easily from a bronze or gold lamp. This was filled up with oil and another wik. This could be placed down on a flat surface or carried more easier then the stick or candle. When people heard of this. They built gas lanterns. The gas was very cheap so people just left it on. A lightning flash came but people did not know that it was electricity. So it was waiting to be used. “Thomas Edison is usually credited with the invention of the light bulb, but the famous American inventor wasn't the only one who contributed to the development of this revolutionary technology” The story of lights begins long before Edison patented the first working lightbulb in 1879. “The very first working arc lamp was made in 1803 but they were not really successful until 1876 because it kept burning out.” Arc lamps were not for home use they were only for outside use because there was no glass globe around it. So it was danger for home.It is only in the last 100 years that electricity has come into use before then all lights people made were by burning
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