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Hey Everyone Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a great Saturday! For today's post I am going to share my thoughts about Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette. I bought this in the haul that I did after christmas. I have to say that I had had a hard time finding good bronzers that were good for contouring. The ones that I had in my makeup collection were shimmery and after I would contour my face would look like one big sparkle. Well I had hesitated in buying this palette just because of the cost however I went to Sephora and swatched it and fell in love. This was back when it was fairly new. Just before christmas I almost went and bought it however I waited until after christmas just incase someone bought it for me. Well I didn't get it for christmas so when I went back into Sephora I Just knew that I would have to get my hands on it. I love this palette! The colors that are in it are beautiful! They are the perfect contouring colors. I love the bronzers. I use the first two colors of the bronzers the most, but I have used the darkest color a couple times. I have used the Highlight shades as well, But i'm still in love with Champagne Pop from Becca that Its hard for me to use anything else right now.…show more content…
The formula of the powders are so buttery, and soft to the touch. The pigmentation of the colors is great. It lasts awhile on the skin too which is important because I wanted to make sure It would last all day. For me and my skin type there is nothing bad to say about this palette. I love the packaging I think its amazing and so unique! and just very cool. I have heard from a few people that they hit pan quickly on theirs so that is something that I will watch for and see. As of right now though this is my go to contour palette and is something that I would buy
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