Light Health Wellness Comprehensive Services Essay

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Light Health Wellness Comprehensive Services Inc established in 1988 by founder Debbie Rock. This young lady in 1988 seen that individuals with HIV/ AIDS, substance abuse, mental illness, low income and other long term health challenges needing assistance in getting information, guidance and treatment services. A group of people that may have been neglected or ignored by other social services and the community due to the stigma that came along with these conditions and challenges. Many people living with HIV/AIDS were shunned by family members. In the 1980s most people thought that HIV/AIDS was a gay community problem. Many gay men suffered from HIV related stigma and prejudice. Ms. Rock not only wanted to serve this population of people but she wanted to help educate families and those affected by these individuals. This gave her a great opportunity to make use of her human service skills. She wanted to make an impact on the individuals and also the public around it. This would open up many doors and also teach people within the community who probably would ostracized these individuals how to effectively deal with them and how to help them make it through everyday challenges. Now Light Health & Wellness was not always the great community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization it is today. Actually before it was called Light Health & Wellness it was known as Baltimore Pediatric HIV Program (BPHIVP). The founder Ms. Rock stared out making her mark on the community through
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