Light Me Up

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“Louis your break ended 5 minutes ago, get back to work.”

Louis screamed from the back room, slamming his phone down defeatedly, “Zayn I hope you know you're the reason I didn't beat my record on flappy bird, I hope you know you're the reason all my dreams are shattered and my poor, poor, lonely- did I say poor? heart is shattered on the floor because I will never feel the success o-”

“Jesus Christ Lou, shut the fuck up and get back to work,” Zayn rolled his eyes, adding, “and will you delete that shit game its brainwashing you.”

Louis gasped, “Excuse me Za-”

“Louis! Code three! Code three!” Louis stood up abruptly, stumbling over the diner chair and ignoring Zayn.

“Code three, shit, shit. Perrie!” he yelled, straightening out his apron and flipping his fringe, “Perrie! Perrie! Quick how do I look?”

“Code three? Whats code three?” Liam and Zayn mumbled at the same time, giving each other confused looks as Perrie ran past them and into the back room where a distressed Louis was fixing his hair and straightening his outfit.

“Hair looks good, eyes look good, oh wait-” Perrie licked her thumb, wiping the sauce off that was crusted in the corner of his mouth, “alright teeth check.”

Louis smiled, flashing his teeth, murmuring through them, “Hurry! Hurry!”

“Okay, okay god Louis, do the turn around.”

Louis quickly spun around, shaking his hands. “Am I good? How does the bum look?”

Zayn popped in the door, “What the hell is code three?”

“Zayn go away we’re busy!” Louis
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