Light Of The Dark - Original Writing

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Light in the Dark I grew up without a father. Well, I grew up with a father, but he wasn’t exactly a father figure. I was abused, and I thought it was normal. I thought that everyone’s father beat them, yelled at them, and decried them. My mom didn’t know. I was scared to tell her, scared to see what he would do to me if I told her. I wasn’t the only one he had abused. He also abused my brother, Jalaun, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I felt as if I was hopeless. “Should I be doing this?” I asked myself, as I packed my book bag up with all of what I thought were the essentials of living. My mind was tearing itself apart. “I’m tired of him,” I ruminated but my conscience interrupted, “But what about your Mom and Jalaun. You can’t leave them alone.” I then made the decision that I couldn’t leave my brother, Jalaun, in this battle with our father. I couldn’t let him endure it by himself. After giving up on leaving I stood there wondering what it would be like if I would have left, however I began slowly lulling myself to sleep. “Isaac, wake up. If I can’t sleep in you can’t either,” my father bellowed into my bedroom. My eyes quickly opened and I could see the rays of sun coming in from the windows in my bedroom. I threw myself out of my bed, and quickly ran into the kitchen to kiss my mom before she left for work. Right after she left, I prepared myself for what would happen next. “Isaac and Jalaun come here.” He screamed from my bedroom. My impulses went wild. I
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