Light Skin Is The Right Skin

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Light Skin is the Right Skin For a long time, it didn’t really have a name; however, it found a way to divide and conquer black women with the brown paper bag test, segregated sororities, and preferential media exposure. It was a black girl problem in America, but especially a dark skinned black girl problem and the benefitting parties never spoke on it since such social caste systems elevated their privilege. In contemporary America, it has only become more apparent that it is issues such as colorism that further hinder Black America’s ability to solidify as a union. An analysis of origins and resultant issues of light skin privilege reveals one challenge facing this community: while black is beautiful, light skin is the right skin. Colorism sews its roots in early European colonialization (Jordan) as well as class hierarchies in South Asia (Stevenson). Contrasting as those roots may seem, they’ve converged to create a process in which those deemed undesirable are rejected through a rigid process of elimination. Skin color had been used as a way to tell much about a person without requiring them to disclose anything about themselves. Whiteness could determine a person’s class or background since those with lighter complexions received more resources and accommodations than their darker skinned equivalents. This system operates in a way that enforces white domination; where those who were a close measure of white (aesthetically, ideologically, etc.) were rewarded for their

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