Light Vehicle Suspension, Steering And Braking System

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Assignment Name:Steering System
Assignment No: 2
Unit Name: Light Vehicle Suspension, Steering and Braking System
Unit No: 14

Task 1
Describe the function and operation of the main components of power assisted steering.
The following section from the Unit specification will be of guidance.



Power steering has today become a standard addition in almost all four wheelers that we see working on the roads. It provides calmer maneuverability and a better degree of control over the vehicle, which makes driving all-the-more effort-free.
The term power steering is derived from 'power assisted steering system '. Although electric steering systems have become common in most vehicles today, initially, the basic system for power steering was hydraulic, which worked thanks to the precise functioning of a number of small and large mechanical parts. In the following sections, we shall learn about the working of the basic hydraulic power steering. But before that, we will take a look at how the steering in a vehicle functions.
Steering a vehicle involves getting its front wheels to turn synchronously, either to the left or to the right. This is achieved with the help different gear systems. The two main types of steering gear systems are the rack and pinion, and the recirculating ball type; out of which

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