Light Vs Hearing Communication Essay

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Like any other community of people of different abilities, needs and preferences the deaf and hard of hearing community are no different. With the use of different categorical methods that assist in making their lives more accessible. They are not unlike “normal” people although yes not hearing at all or being hard of hearing is considered to be a disability they too still enjoy life just in other ways with the use of hearing aids. Communication via the telephone can seem like a daunting task however have multiple option that one can choose from depending on their personal level of comfort in terms of speaking or their volume of hearing. For example hard of hearing individuals can have a telephone conversation via the telephone yet deaf people…show more content…
Which I’ve always found to be quite intriguing because it is another way the hearing community takes the idea of a ringing doorbell or phone for granted. The concept of the flashing light signal represents to me as an alert or a warning system. The residence can be equipped to the convenience of that particular individual allowing for specific table lamps to indicate particular alarms or notices to turn on or for an entire home to signal at a time. Although all forms of such lighting are not used or suggested a standard lightbulb takes precedence over others. Hence if one’s home is triggered for multiple devices for instance a telephone, doorbell or any other devices within the home it can take certain provisions to assist the deaf or hard of hearing person whether it be flashing in a particular manner, the amount of times its light flashes or countless other means of symmetry in which it can take place. Another means of alarm that I have has never occurred to me was the smoke alarm in which is stated deaf ones spend more money on due to the lack of sound therefore needing to place such alarms in all rooms rather than strategically placing in specific and beneficial locations. Just another aspect of living the hearing community take for granted due to our ability to
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