Light and Shadow and Color in Interior Design in Combination with the Use of

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Light and shadow and color in interior design in combination with the use of

Abstract: The basic concepts of light and shadow and color a brief exposition of the light and color and the relationship between interior design and interior design in the use of the environment from the interior decoration shows the level of light and shadow and color combination in the Interior Design the application of methods to enrich and explore the combination of light and color art design in the indoor environment practices in the design of the different roles.
Key words: light and shadow interior design combined with the use of color
Lighting and color is always in contact, are often used in interior design, but the combination of the two used in the
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Bars, discos like the casino, more closed on such occasions, so most indoor artificial light and shadow is used to deal with the effect of indoor space and atmosphere. Occasions such as the bar is young, light and shadow to be strong than the average home interior colors used are very rich, could give a vibrant feel. The disco lights in a
Less side, mostly with colored lights, this could make the atmosphere does not seem to calm the wall, there are strong light and shadow, there Jizhan lantern light, giving a rebellious, cynical sense, people completely immersed in this environment.
Color is an important factor in indoor environment. "The basic task of interior color, that is, according to the basic elements of color, contrast the use of uniform rules and other design elements combine to create beautiful, practical, comfortable indoor environment." [1] The human mind is extremely keen sense of color. As the color on visual stimulation, people will have a series of objective things, the psychological effects of color. Thus, according to people of color to explore the psychological reflect the people and the relationship of color in the indoor environment, people looking to meet the psychological needs of the indoor environment has a crucial importance.
Indoor environment based on the psychological effects of color in the interior space as a bearer of color perception, color on the psychological state of people, there are many.

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