Lighting Of Lighting And Lighting

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The lighting in Showrooms is imperative to take into consideration for the success of a business. The quality of lighting effects how the products looks, and how clients will perceive it. Ultimately, lighting effects whether a client will purchase your products or not. “Even with the enormous set of visual environmental cues present in retail environments, lighting does play a significant role in creating an ambiance.” This quote by Yvonne De Kort is expressing the importance of lighting in a retail space and the effects it has on a spaces ambiance. Lighting effects how everyone feels and changes the ways we interact in spaces. I am going to go through the showrooms I observed and reflect what I learned about the types of lighting fixtures and lighting layers in showrooms.
In showrooms it’s important to include all form of lighting (general, task, and decorative) into the space to create a cohesive lighting design that showcases the products that are being lit. Lighting can be used to direct focus to certain products, and create paths for customers to follow. It is good to consider the flexibility of the fixtures placed, to allow for adjustment when store displays are changed. Making sure the color rendering of the lamps is high quality, so the clients know what the products actually look like. Keeping maintenance easy is important, because products that are not lighting properly will not sell. “Layered lighting techniques must support the plan of the space and…

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