Lighting Of The Dark Knight

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Intro: Lighting as we know, creates the atmosphere for the setting, it establishes the overall tone for what the audience sees. Lighting is key in filming, as it can change tones from scene to scene to create a certain subliminal meaning. For instance the contrasting light from character to character to allow the viewer to understand the differences. Throughout the movie “The Dark Knight” we are able to see how the lighting allows for the directors subliminal meaning to seek through; darkness within. As the name of the movie suggests “Dark Knight” the movies overall tone is set in the darkness. This dark atmosphere allows for an eerie feeling, tension to build up and an anxiety feeling for the viewer. To understand the underlining meaning behind the lighting choices within the film, it 'll be shown by the protagonist, antagonist and the overall atmosphere within the movie. Protagonist: In regards to the protagonist group, the lighting is used to highlight the good within them. Their characters personality and actions are reinforced with their lighting setup. Therefore the protagonists consist of Bruce Wayne, Batman, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon. Bruce Wayne’s lighting allows him to be seen as a bright character. The high key setup allows for a heroic essence to his character and allows the audience to not fear him, and more importantly side with his actions above all other. He is the alter ego of the Batman, which allows us to understand the back story and personality of

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