Lighting : The Dark Knight

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Lighting creates an atmosphere for the setting; it establishes the overall tone for what the audience is able to receive. Lighting is a key aspect in filming, as it can transform tones from scene to scene to create a certain subliminal meaning. For instance, the contrasting light from character to character allows the viewer to understand the differences between them such as their values and overall message. Throughout the movie “The Dark Knight” lighting allows for the directors subliminal meaning to come through. As the name of the movie suggests, “The Dark Knight,” the overall tone of the movie is set in the darkness. This dark atmosphere allows for an eerie feeling, tension to build up, and an anxious feeling for the viewer. This corresponds with how the movie itself is broken down because the most intense scenes are when the light goes down. As well, lighting is so important in film because without it, the viewer would not be able to correspond with the visuals. For instance, silent films relied on the visuals to impact the viewer. Furthermore, the introduction of colour to film made lighting much more important to get correct because having distractions would be unpleasant to the viewer. The underlying meaning behind the lighting choices within the film will be shown by the protagonist, antagonist and the overall atmosphere within the movie. In regards to the protagonist group, the lighting is used to highlight the good that resides within them. Their characters
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