Lightning Safety For Athletics And Recreation

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Position Statement Review Title of Position Statement: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Lightning Safety for Athletics and Recreation Year of Position Statement: 2013 1. In your own words describe the objective of the position statement you have chosen. The objective of this position statement is to educate all those involved in athletics of lightning related sports injuries and to help them understand how to care for and prevent lightnen related injuries. 2. I realize that positions statements are very comprehensive and often include a lot of research which may be difficult to interpret. With this in mind, please write a brief synopsis of the Position Statement (2-3 paragraphs) in your own words so that others may better understand the material presented. The focus of the article is educating all participants in recreational activities about the dangers of lightning and promoting lightning safety. The article describes preventative actions, how to care for lightning related injuries, and it describes what lightning is. It briefly explains that lightning is a serious threat to everyone in the general area and it is one of the most encountered hazards in recreational activities. Following that, the article identifies a list of recommendations of what to do in in case of a lighting related emergency. The recommendations suggest that emergency action plans be created specific to location to avoid undesired fatalities and injuries. An

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