Like A Girl Advertisement Analysis

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In Always' #LikeAGirl, the advertisement approaches the stereotype that all women are "delicate" and how women are being degraded with these stereotypes. The advertisement gathers a group of women, both teenaged and adolescents, and men, one teenage and one adolesecent. They ask this group to perform a list of actions in the style of a "girl". Immediately, all parties, minus the adolescent females, begin to perform the actions in the stereotypical female way. Then the interviewer asks the select group "Is 'Like a Girl' degrading?". They answer the question, realizing what they just done, and they redid the tasks in their own way, not in the ways of 'Like a Girl'.

This video establishes the the phrase "Like a Girl" is degrading by interviewing the women and asking them how they feel about the phrase. The women answer and reach a common ground by saying that it lowers women's self confidence. You are getting a first hand account on how women feel about that phrase, not some shady secondary source from FOX News. These responses is what made this advertisement a very strong audience mover.

The advertisement presents a very strong assertion that being a woman is not bad. Embrace being a woman. Always provides a group of
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The audience, 54% male and 46% female, was most likely split on the 'movement' that they felt. Sure, maybe it did not move the drunk men and women watching the Super Bowl, but it sure did aggravate Twitter. This advertisement engaged women all over to post their stories of '#LikeAGirl'. This video moved women enough where they went onto Twitter and spoke their mind about being a woman how they weren't ashamed, about how they can accomplish as much as men, about how they don't care what others think. With this overwhelming audience response, I am certain that this advertisement sufficiently moved the audience and that it was very solid in its effects of how being a woman is not
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