Like A Girl: The Always Campaign

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Many young girls and women face gender barriers and discrimination across the world. Stereotypes are made by people that believe women are weak, slow, and shy. Those assumptions can make a woman or girl feel less than what she is. Always brand main focus is to empower women and girls across the world. The Always campaign called “Like A Girl” addresses the limitations girl's face and how the world views them. The always commercial expresses concern through self-reports from girls that feel they have been restricted, in addition to that the perspective of girls from others, and the overall experiences. The Always pad commercial cares about the lives of girls as they go through puberty. As well, as trying to shape them into strong young women. Overall the company promises to help boost young girl's confidence by showing them how to face barriers and obstacles. The company does a great job at attracting consumers and keeping their attention all while not advertising their…show more content…
This company wants to help boost their confidence and increase their self-esteem level. The “Like A Girl” campaign appealed to emotions as well as being logical by allowing us to hear experiences from the girls and the perspective of them from others. This company’s bigger focus is to impact girls and women across the world in a positive way. By assisting them to be self-assurance, allowing them to continue to receive higher education, and to build work and social skills. The message that I took from the company and their advertisements was let us offer equality to young girls as they continue to grow. Along with ending the cultural issue with women in the world being constrained, and limitations on the things that we can do, the places we can work, the sports we can play, and etc. Let’ stop giving girls a single story which means stereotyping them based on what those may assume we are capable
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