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Like A Journey
The inevitability of conflicts shapes our relationship and roles within society. This big idea is about how everyone has conflicts and how everybody is not perfect as a fairytale story, everyone struggles among the way to be successful and happy. I agree with this because everybody goes through the stage where they don't feel good about themselves mentally or are going through some personal issues. This big idea relates to me because I have had many conflicts and struggles as growing up. It reminded me of when my uncle who was like my dad passed away a little bit over a year ago. My daily life changed a lot and the way I viewed life also changed, I became closer with my family and appreciate everything I have and don't have.
This was a big impact on my life because my uncle was like my dad and was a big part of my life, he raised me like one of his own and that's something I will always be thankful for. He was an amazing, humble, and smart person. When he passed away, nobody in my family really wanted to tell me because they knew how hard it would be to me. When I found out I fell off with my school I wouldn't go, I just wanted to be alone. My grades dropped significantly I was in danger of not graduating on time or even graduating at all. My mom and my older brothers talked to me and told me my uncle wouldn't want me to be failing or doing badly in life. I had to get myself together and went to the counselor for help to do whatever I can to pass. I was able
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