Like A Winding Sheet By Ann Petry

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Mala Yousafzi, once said that “There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion.” Ann Petry, author of “Like a Winding Sheet”, introduces multiple social injustices. Petry uses the story of Johnson, the main character, to show the injustices within society and his violent retaliation. Ann Petry’s use of motifs, symbolism and imagery to describe the social issues of violence, racism, and sexism. Ann Petry describes the issue of sexism by using imagery to show Johnson’s ideals towards women. Johnson wasn’t accustomed to having a woman as an authority figure. “It was really funny to have a white woman for a boss in a plant like this one.” (Petry 120-122). It is so uncommon for women to have …show more content…

Johnson’s forewoman calls Johnson a “nigger” which is a trigger for violence. “He tried to make his hands relax by offering them a description of what it would have been like to strike her because he had the queer feeling that his hands were not exactly his anymore.”(Petry 139-141). When an act of discrimination is committed towards Johnson his head went straight to violence. Johnson was so quick to attempt to hit his forewoman instead of communicating his disdain with the word. For example, some violent protest could have been prevented within the Black Lives Matter, if court decisions would have been properly judged. Mae, Johnson’s wife, was doing the same actions as the white café women that was “discriminative” towards him. “ The knowledge that he had struck her seat through him slowly and he was appalled but he couldn’t drag his hand away from her face.” (Petry 319-320). Each action commuted against Johnson caused him to think about violence and eventually react with violence. Society promotes violence as a solution to issues. One societal issue that has been receiving a lot of violent media is

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