Like Any Scientific Discipline, Sociology Has Its Own Object

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Like any scientific discipline, sociology has its own object and subject of research. The object is understood as the sphere of reality that is to be studied, and to this the research is directed. Consequently, the object of sociology is society. But society is explored by many disciplines, such as history, philosophy, economics, political science, etc. At the same time, each of the named social sciences distinguishes its specific aspects, the properties of the object, which become the subject of its study. It is quite difficult to determine the subject of sociology, because throughout the history of its development, representatives of various schools and directions have expressed and are still expressing different views on the…show more content…
Contradictions in nature, society, thinking, the struggle between people, classes, states - all this is a manifestation of conflicts. The subject of sociology in Max Weber is subjective, "attached" to man. Emile Durkheim has a different way of thinking. He declared social science the subject of the science of society, by which he understood norms, laws, values, representations of people, social institutions, organizations and ideas in general, materialized in the form of, for example, buildings and structures. Each generation of individuals finds their set of social facts, which determines the behavior of people. Emile Durkheim 's approach to the subject of sociology is objective, not dependent on a particular person 's character. The ideas of the Classics who laid the foundations of conflictology were perceived and developed as follows. For example, Emile Durkheim - one of the founders of the French sociological school puts an equal sign between the social status and social solidarity. He believed that people unite in societies not for individual and group enmity, but because of mutual needs in each other. For Max Weber, the subject of emotional action was not society as a whole, but an individual whose position is connected with a certain social status. From his point of view, society is the interaction of people who are the product of social actions, those who are oriented toward other people. They are anxious to preserve or even strengthen their
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