Like Every Established Religion, The Crakers Believe Snowman

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Like every established religion, the Crakers believe Snowman is the communicator between the Gods and them. In the Fish subchapter, after Snowman muses that imperfections are beautiful, he receives a fish from one of the Crakers. The reasoning behind this action is rather bizarre, as well as the justification behind it. The Craker explains that, “‘This is one fish chosen for you tonight’ says Empress Josephine, or else Madame Curie or Sojourner Truth, ‘this is the fish Oryx gives you’”(Atwood 101). Although Oryx perished, the Crakers strongly believe that Oryx is still with them and Snowman acts as the bridge between Oryx and the Crakers. The Crakers understand that Snowman is at the same level of power with Crake, and that Snowman was on…show more content…
Even in Oryx and Crake, the Crakers look up to Snowman as the one that interacts with the higher beings, Oryx and Crake. Crakers are very curious beings, always questioning Snowman and the items that he carries.The reason why they keep bothering Snowman is because he is the gateway to get to their creators. Their responses and advice, that will be interpreted from Snowman, helps create a basis on what to do and how to do it. They heavily depend on Snowman to progress in this world, and also in the process practice methods of worship to gain acceptance from Oryx and Crake. Crakers , like regular humans, constantly evolve and explore their capabilities; in terms of religion they are experimenting various forms of symbols and mediums in order to establish their role in their futuristic dystopian society. In the Idol subchapter, Jimmy encounters numerous rituals performed by the Crakers. First he notices that, “It isn’t singing, it’s more like chanting. Then a clang, a series of pings, a boom...Whatever it is, they’ve never done anything like it before.”(Atwood 360). Then he acknowledges that they are creating music to accompany their practice as well. Atwood goes into great detail in describing the ritual: the readers understand that the Crakers are utilizing various objects, such as an oil drum and a kitchen mallet to create their strange melody. Snowman

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