Like Food and Cooking, Medicine Has the Power to Connect People

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As I added the finishing touches of friend onions and parsley to make it look aesthetically pleasing, I took a step back to stare at the masterpiece I had just created, a luscious and delectable Pakistani rice dish called “Briyani”. Making this dish is the epitome of success in every Pakistani girl’s lifetime. It’s considered an essential quality to add to one’s marriage “resume”. However, to me, it was more than just a future “in law pleaser”, it was my compass for life. A cook must be diligent and attentive to detail, conscious of every ingredient and amount that is being used. A cook is a provider, helping with the wellbeing of the people who are consuming the prepared food. The kitchen is their clinic, and the consumers are their patients. Nine years of cooking with my mother has taught me dedication, obedience, and tested my patience when some recipes would fail. Cooking, as a safe haven from the difficulties of everyday life, has helped me better connect to all my experiences throughout the years and has molded the foundation for my passion and calling, medicine. A physical perception was born of my learning, an understanding of the correlation between the attentiveness to detail of plate setting, to the organ setting of the body. Cooking is a science, where it is quite important for cooks to be aware of the ins-and-outs of methods involved in it, just like physicians must be aware of various details such as where the third thoracic vertebra is located, and what the
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