Like Ingeborg Alternate Ending

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Evelin Rasch had known about ghosts since she was eleven years old. She was with her friends Maria and Silje at the park, and she saw a mysterious-looking woman with white hair, pale skin, and very old-fashioned gray clothing. When she mentioned this female stranger, her friends looked at her like she was nuts. Later that day, when Maria and Silje weren't around, Evie had gone back to the park. Sure enough, the woman in white was still there.
"Who are you?" Evie asked.
The woman laughed. "I'm Ingeborg Welhaven." She reached out to shake hands with Evie, but the pale limb passed right through Evie's flesh. Now that the two of them were close, Evie got a good look at her. She was tall, willowy, and about thirty years old. She wore a simple light …show more content…

Welhaven. Like Ingeborg. Sure, there could be more Welhavens out there, but it couldn't be a coincidence. Vogel was a Seer, or at least knew who Ingeborg was.
"Evie!" Evie's mother, Abigail Cohen, called from the living room.
"Yes?" Evie yelled back.
"Come see this!"
Evie suspected that, as Vogel had said, her parents had been notified about the Vienna trip. She turned off her computer before making her way towards the living room. She and her parents lived in an apartment above her mom's small but fairly popular bakery in Gamlebyen. The apartment itself had three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and Mr. Rasch's study. The Rasch family had considered moving to an actual house a few times, but the decision was never made. Evie liked the little apartment, even though she felt kind of guilty for storing her stuff in her older sister's unused room.
Mrs. Rasch, or as she liked to be called, Mrs. Cohen, was sitting at the kitchen counter with her laptop. Evie's whole family was of Middle Eastern descent, but she resembled her mother, who had moved from Israel when she was in her twenties, the most. Isra, Evie's older sister who was currently going to college in Scotland, looked more like her

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